Who We Are

Encountering Life is an apostolic and prophetic church under the ‘New Wine’ covering from King Jesus International Ministry of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado.  Equipping leaders to manifest the Supernatural Power of God.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision consists of four very simple points: Evangelize, Affirm, Disciple, and Send.  The mission of the house is to bring the Supernatural Power of God to this generation.  It’s as simple as that, we only want to show the world the Glory of God

Our Leadership

Jose Luis Espinosa
Jose Luis EspinosaSENIOR PASTOR
Niurka Espinosa
Niurka EspinosaPROPHET
Aaron & Yanet Gonzalez
Aaron & Yanet GonzalezPASTORS
Isael & Osmary Gonzalez
Isael & Osmary GonzalezPASTORS
Daniel Espinosa
Daniel EspinosaYOUTH PASTOR




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